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what is meditation?

essentially meditation is a way of becoming more aware of our moment-to-moment experience.

the benefits of meditation have been known for thousands of years: from simple relaxation to spiritual insight. Meditation helps you develop peace, clarity, depth, creativity, confidence, optimism, spontaneity and health.

in the short term

meditation is an antidote to stress and a means to become calm and self-possessed.

in the long term

it is the means by which we can transform ourselves fundamentally. With consistent effort and regular practice we can free ourselves from the limitations of habit and respond to life creatively and with awareness.

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what meditation is not

It is not an escape into abstraction, passivity or just managing to cope with the demands of the world. We are trying to be more aware of out actual experience and not to escape from it. As well as trying to clarify our experience, we are engaging in transforming it creatively, actively and ethically. Challenging as this is, it is very satisfying to develop a balance in one's life between the open and receptive and active and assertive.

meditation in relation to Buddhism

the meditation
practices we teach on courses, classes or on the DVD are found in all forms of Buddhism and in other traditions as well. In Buddhism, meditation goes much further than psychological improvement - it is aimed at the ideal of Enlightenment. Enlightenment, put simply, is the state that an individual reaches when they have achieved their full creative potential as a human being and are full of compassion, wisdom and energy.