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Refuge (1972, 21’)

A valuable portrait of the early FWBO: a large Keffolds summer retreat, the Aryatara community in Surrey and Pundarika, the first North London centre, all prototypes for the future. There are interviews with Zengo and Sangharakshita and disciples torn between mindfulness and psychoanalysis.

by Victress Hitchcock & Stephen Burckhardt

The Enlightened Englishman (1989, 25’)

A characteristically clear and witty interview is at the heart of this intimate portrait of the Venerable Sangharakshita. Though the film’s title skips Buddhist etiquette, the film itself is perfectly sincere and charming. Gizmo Films for Anglia TV, 1989

by Bob Mullan                                

Keffolds Retreat 1971 Retreatants sing, dance and and meditate. for freedom. A mix of colour, black and white, silent, 16mm footage, with a new musical sound track to capture a distinct flavour of the year.

by Siddhiratna                                                             

Sukhavati. Turning a burnt out, historically significant fire station into the London Buddhist Centre took an epic three years and the efforts of practically all involved with the FWBO of those years. While conflicts and triumphs of the project are fully explored in the History of the FWBO series, this guileless silent home movie conveys something of its ‘can-do’ spirit.

by Siddhiratna 

early fwbo films

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