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new Body and Soul

DVD with free copy of Background    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

MP4 on data disc    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

MPEG-4 is a better quality picture

Triratna History series

  An Opening of the Heart    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

Kindling the Flame    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

   Time of Fire    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

A Circle of Friends    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

Complete series    Personal    £40    Buy    Public  £100    Buy

Earth Rising series

Background    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

The·Rain·Bow    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

Recurring Dream    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

Once Free    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

Complete series    Personal    £40    Buy    Public  £100    Buy

Older films    

Ordinary Magic    Personal    £15    Buy    Public    £35    Buy

Early FWBO films    Personal    £12    Buy    Public    £12    Buy

Guhyaloka    Personal    £12    Buy    Public    £12    Buy

The Enlightened Englishman    Personal    £12    Buy    Public    £12    Buy


Sangharakshita thangka

Downloadable file to print       £15    Buy

A4 C-Type print unmounted incl.      £40    Buy

A1 C-Type print unmounted incl.    £100    Buy

A1 C-Type mounted (MDF) incl.    £200    Buy

Companionship double portrait

A3 C-Type print unmounted incl.     £25    Buy             online purchases                        

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