HISTORY OF THE FWBO       contd.

  1. Congratulations! Magnificent! I think it's brilliant. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an important and necessary job, and doing it very well.        Taranatha

  2. I was very impressed and felt you did handle it very sensitively even though I am aware it was not easy to produce. Thank you for all the time you took and for all the work you are putting in to creating these videos.         Malini

  3. I am grateful for your very skilled, beautiful hard work. Yes, your videos are very important to me, to us all - important even in ways we cannot fathom.         Varadakini

  4. As always I found the latest of your FWBO history films very interesting and very enjoyable viewing. You do manage to encapsulate most of the main FWBO themes. I think you use images well.     Dharmapriya

  5. I do believe what you are doing is vital for the evolving identity of the FWBO, as we try to understand who we are more fully. Newer people can SEE and FEEL where we have come from, in a way that words can't convey. Around the other side of the world your work IS appreciated.     Dharmadhara

    RECURRING DREAM       contd.

  1. I…was really moved by it. Your films always move me and I appreciate them very much.         Amogharatna

  2. I very much enjoyed seeing the film, found it very absorbing. Thought you'd created quite a gem there.     Adarsha

  3. It was a much more satisfying experience watching the film right through. overall I think that you have done very well.        


  1. It went down VERY WELL - lots of praise.         Lokabandhu

  2. I hope there will be many more orders coming. I am very interested to see your work. Tschüss, Sanghadarsini

  3. It was a fascinating and informative evocation of the work of FWBO/TBMSG which did not shirk presenting some of the difficulties, as well as the joys, of building a Buddha land in the contemporary world.        Ashvajit

  4. The movie is brilliant, good quality, nice photography, direction is nice, I appreciate the efforts and skill you have put, you covered some of the important activities we do all over India. I find the movie informative and educative.


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ORDINARY MAGIC       contd.           

  1. I thought the film told the story very well. I think Suryaprabha’s subtle visual means of conveying his message is an important contribution to the arts in the Movement, and I hope the film is seen widely as it is well worth seeing.    Subhuti

  2. I found myself in tears at the end of the video for why I don’t really know but the subject matter touched me deeply. Sadhu Suryaprabha!    Jayaraja

  3. It gave me a lot of pleasure. I liked a lot the images you used to evoke a feeling of another era and the music.    

    Pauline Maquire

  1. Your work is completely excellent. You have made a really important contribution in your efforts in creating such a video. I hope that it reaches as many beings as possible.    Ratnabandhu

  2. Thank you, very delightful. I found you really captured the extraordinary in the ordinary.      Thierry

    ONCE FREE       contd.

  1. Once Free is a refreshingly off-beat, sideways look at the FWBO in North America in a time of flux and uncertainty. It's candid, unvarnished approach makes for a brave exploration of the inspiring, messy, enthralling and frustrating lives of modern American Buddhists.         Vishvapani

  2. I bought a copy at the convention - and really enjoyed both of them. The American one was fascinating and it was lovely to see all the places that I've read about where Bhante lived.  We hope to show them here to the sangha soon.      Dharmavasita

  3. I appreciate your interest in us way out here in Montana and I hope some of the more Euro-centric Order Members have gained at least a little sense of how things are in some places out here. It was very interesting how you put together such a broad range of lifestyles! Anyway, thanks for your perspective and I am really looking forward to seeing the other parts.


THE·RAIN·BOW       contd.

  1. I enjoyed it immensely and I found it very moving. I enjoyed the intimacy of it, I suppose particularly because I did know some of the people in New Zealand and Australia as well.  I liked the way you threaded people’s lives together, showed them at different times of the day and in different parts of the world. I think it was a really lovely way of showing the people who make up the movement, not just the Order.


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